For oral treatment of haemorrhoids and varices.
Not available in Germany.

No more worries about haemorrhoids.

  • Different well-known ingredients improve the symptoms of haemorrhoids.
  • Effective in relieving uncomfortable feelings such as pain, burning and itching.
  • Safe and reliable, low adverse reaction rate in many years of clinical practice.

Pharmacological effects

Modified keratin (as Paraphlebon)


Laxative (underdose)


Laxative, anti-inflammatory

Potassium bitartrate


Mandatory Information

Circanetten sugar-coated tablets
Area of application:
For oral treatment of haemorrhoids and varices.


Keratin (as Paraphlebon, patented 0.2 gm; Potassium bitartrate 0.015 gm; Senna (as Senna leaf powder 0.015 gm); Sulfur (as Precipitated sulfur 0.015 gm)

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.