sabal serrulatum 320mg UNO

The active components from the fruit of saw palmetto relieve the urinary symptoms caused by benign prostatic enlargement

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Principle outcomes of clinical studies of Saw palmetto fruit extracts1:

  • Saw palmetto provides improvement in urinary symptoms in mild to moderate BPH based on standardised endpoints (IPSS).
  • Saw palmetto provides moderate improvement of uroflowmetry parameters and decreases nocturia without increasing serum Prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
  • Saw palmetto was reported to be possibly equivalent to the 5 α-reductase inhibitor finasteride (with fewer side effects).
  • Saw palmetto was reported to be possibly equivalent to the α-blocking agent tamsulosin (with fewer side effects).

Mandatory Information

Eviprostat-S sabal serrulatum 320mg UNO

Area of application:

For improvement of prostate-dependent disorders during urination due to benign enlargement of the prostate (micturition disorders due to benign prostate hyperplasia stadium I to II acc. to Alken resp. II to III acc. to Vahlensieck).

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor or pharmacist


1 Wilt et al, 2002. 21 randomized studies vs. Placebo or other BPA medications.