For oral treatment of haemorrhoids and varices.
Not available in Germany.

No more worries about haemorrhoids.

Circanetten is an oral medication used to treat hemorrhoids, a multi-component drug with many mechanisms of action. Controlled clinical studies have shown that Circanetten significantly improves the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, such as: pain, itching, burning and bleeding during defecation and the response time of all symptoms in patients with hemorrhoids stages I and II.1

The use of Circanetten for decades, together with the results of controlled studies in patients with hemorrhoids, has been shown to be well tolerated.

Mandatory Information

Circanetten sugar coated tablets

1 sugar-coated tablet contains:

Active ingredients: Keratin (as Paraphlebon, patented 0.2 gm); Potassium bitartrate 0.015 gm; Senna (as Senna leaf powder 0.015 gm); Sulfur (as Precipitated sulfur 0.015 gm)

Area of application:
For oral treatment of haemorrhoids and varices.

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.


1 Haihara T., 1962 Clinical Applications of Circanetten, an oral remedy to hemorrhoids.