Harpavit - Less pain, more mobility

Area of application: The extract of Devil’s Claw inhibits the enzyme COX 2 which is responsible for the inflammation process in joints. Besides arthrosis, also rheumatism is an area of application. The medical treatment of this disease is usually done by chemical pharmaceuticals. But the use of Harpvit with Devil’s Claw extract could reduce the necessary drug dose substantially. Especially for longterm treatment this is very helpful in regard to good tolerability. By using a very gentle extraction method we are able to obtain a high amount of Harpagosid. This substance has a clinically proven effect to improve symptoms in the knee and in the back.

Special warnings: Contains lactose and sucrose. Please refer to the package insert.

Active substance: Dry extract of Devil’s Claw root (Harpagophytum procumbens, radix).

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