Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Paul Evers in 1933.

In its early years, Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH & Co. KG focused on the development

of new medicinal substances and the production of traditional medicinal products. Back then, the company’s wide-spread range of products covered numerous indications. 
After World War II, the company specialised on natural health products for the urology and gastroenterology sectors to secure the high quality of its products on a permanent basis. The international success of our brands endorsed this approach. Today, the brands Eviprostat S, Eviprostat N and Gallith are among the established products in this sector, not only in Germany but also in many other countries.

The company headquarters and production site have been located in Pinneberg, near Hamburg, since the 1960s.
A large share of our products is exported to Asia – primarily Japan and the P.R. China – markets we have successfully been servicing for a number of decades.

The name Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH & Co. KG stands for German quality.  As a manufacturer of medicinal products, we are well aware of the special responsibility we hold. It is therefore our declared objective to continually further our manufacturing and testing procedures, above and beyond the current scientific and technological standards.

We have been merged into Bright Future Group Ltd from Hong Kong in 2018. Bright Future group brings brighter life and better future to people’s lives all over the world. We are now combining our expertise on natural health with Bright future to become your best health partner.

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